Diving Trips in PattayaThe main diving areas around Pattaya are located in what we call the “Far Islands”. These are the second ring of islands about 20 – 30 kilometers from Pattaya. The islands are controlled by the Thai Navy, and no permanent structures are built there (boat traffic also at a minimum).

These islands include Koh Rin, Koh ManWichai, Koh Keung Badaan, Koh Hu Chang and Kho Phi. Altogether, we have up to 20 different dive sites with visibility ranging from 5 – 15 meters.

There are many different types of soft and hard corals, and large schools of Jacks, Barracuda and Tuna. Blue spotted Stingrays, Turtles, Porcupine Puffer fish and Moray Eels can be spotted on virtually every dive.

The best diving sites in Pattaya and Samae San are located near three superb shipwrecks. These sites are at 25-30meters and require advanced level of dive certification.

The HTMS Khram is a new wreck that was recently sunk by the Thai Navy specially for divers!

The Hardeep is a 60 meter long cargo ship sunk in 28 meters during the World War II era. This ship is reasonably intact, and can be navigated from bow to stern entirely on the inside, by our dive leaders.

Latest wreck, HTMS Kut 731 sunk during September 2006 by the Royal Thai Navy. HTMS Kut 731 have plenty of natural light penetrating the structure.

Daily Diving Trip Prices

Everyday Trips to Coral Islands and Ship Wrecks
Coral Island Snorkeling Trip (including mask, fins and snorkel) 1,000
2 dives using our dive equipment (coral and wreck dives) 3,000
2 dives using your own dive equipment (coral and wreck dives) 2,500
3rd dive (please request when booking your dive trip) 700
Night Dive, including Afternoon Wreck Dive (Every Tuesday) 3,000
Scuba Refresher, 2 dives (if you didn’t dive for last 6 month) 4,000
Enriched Air Nitrox Tank 300
Digital Underwater Camera (including all your images on DVD) 500
DPV (underwater scooter) 1,000
Dive Computer 500

Book You Trip

  • Day Trips include: Hotel pickup/drop off, hot meals, coffee and water on the boat, full set of scuba diving equipment, tanks, weights, dive guide.
  • Not included: nitrox, dive computers, compass, torch, etc.
  • Own equipment: we will give you additional 20% off, if you bring your own set of scuba diving equipment.